Pro Team Member

Torbjörn Mauritzen – Sweden

Torbjörn Mauritzen lives in the western part of Sweden, right next to some of the most beautiful and producing trout waters. Torbjörn allso known ass Tobbe loves the nature along the seacoast, but is  just as much in love with the dark mysterious inland lakes and rivers filled with dark colored brown trout and grayling. Either place produce great moments and often some unbeatable evenings around a campfire, preparing coffee and a snack with his good friend and fellow pro member Joel Andres Mynzwall.

You can follow Tobbe on his advetures on Instagram: T.MAURITZEN

Tobbe fishes mainly for grayling and browntrout, but as a Swede he does of course also fish for seatrout, pike, perch and Zander…..and always on a fly!

Tobbe  loves to fish from the bellyboat with a dryfly or a nymph on still water.

My Favorit Gear

Coastal Seatrout


Spook Seatrout 9’ # 7.

Amazing rod for the coastal fishing.


PENA # 4/6

Look good and works in perfect harmony witth the Spook Seatrout.


My favourite line is the Quick Shoot WF lines. You have to try them to understand the power these lines have. The short head and very unique taper delivers the fly at distance with easy in every single cast. I normally use the Intermediate, but in summer time and on deep water I use the Sinking VII model.




VIPER 8′ # 8

“Unique” is the first word that pops up – but in the most positive meaning.



The perfect match!!


Big Fly II

hmmmm – what else!!

Brown trout and grayling


Avon 8’9” # 5

Super light and delicate, yet power for handling big fish


Pena # 4/6

The perfect fit for the Avon rod.


Delicacy – optimal castability and superb presentation.


Best catches