Pro Team Member

Caspar Andersen – Denmark

Caspar Andersen is a danish fly fisher in his mid 30’s, with a strong passion for especially seatrout fishing and tying flies for the Seatrout.

Caspar  has been fishing since the age of 10. in the beginning it was pike, perch and other freshwater fish that had my focus.

In 2009 Caspar was introduced to seatrout fishing along the coast by his father, which changed everything for his fishing. It turned from a hobby to a real passion. Since then 90% of his fishing has been devoted to Seatrouts. He do though also enjoy some proper streetfishing casting a fly for perch in lakes near his home.

In 2010 he picked up fly fishing and the passion developed further to becoming more like a religion – as he says: “well I dont mind spinfishing, i just rather fish with a fly…Nothing in fishing can be compered to the first feeling you get when the line suddenly  gets tightent 🙂 “

Caspar also loves tying flies and making videos about his tying and fishing, which can be enjoyed by everyone in his Youtube Channel and Facebook page under the name FatFlyFishing – so don’t forget to subscribe. It is not only the place for learning about fishing technique, tying and fishing spots, it is also super cosy – or what we danish call “Hyggeligt” 

Caspar enjoys fishing competitions and participate in several every year.

Caspars lives in mid Jylland and his homewaters is the eastern part of Jylland, but the coast of Fyn is also visited quite often.


My Favorit Gear

Coastal Seatrout


Phantom in 9′ #

It is so light and fun to fish. It is super elegant yet powerful when you need to tattle the wind



The NEWTON reel.

The perfect match to the Phantom rod.


The Pro Series Shooting heads.

Especially the “Specialist”  – This short head is my favorite to use!



When fishing at night or when I’m just enjoying to fish, I use the Vector WF line – simply because it is such a joy to cast!




Spook Seatrout 9′ #6






The Pro Series Shooting head model called “Specialist”.

Some times I do some street fishing close to my homes for perch. For this fishing the super short “Specialist” head is perfect as I don’t like to “catch” people on the other side of the sidewalk. 


Best catches


Seatrout: 74cm 



Perch: 37 cm